What Are The Best Pellet Grills? A Detailed Guide!

Many people are confused about choosing pellet grills & want to know what are the best pellet grills. You do not need to worry because we will clear that doubt for you.

The love for smoking and grilling food has been a long-lasting one. We know no one who doesn’t love grilled and smoked food. Everyone wants to enjoy tasty and healthy barbeque, and for that, grilling it at home in the backyards is the best option.

Lately, considering their health, people prefer pellet grills and smokers over charcoal grills. Char grills produce a lot of smoke and take more effort and time, whereas pellet grills and smokers are opposite to them.

What Are The Best Pellet Grills
what are the best pellet grills?

Pellet Smoker VS Pellet Grill

An important difference between pellet smokers and pellet grills is that pellet smokers are primarily used to smoke cooked food and sometimes slow grilling.

Whereas pellet grills offer more than just grilling and are versatile enough to grill, bake, smoke, and roast all at once. Pellet grills can be known as smokers, but pellet smokers are never called pellet grills.

Well, here is a complete comparison of pellet grill vs. smoker.

Pellet grills Pellet smokers
Pellet grills are multifunctional and can be used to grill, smoke, barbeque, bake, roast, and sometimes braise. Pellet smokers are designed to smoke grilled food, but they are also used to make barbeque.
They cook food by providing indirect heat in low temperatures. They cook or smoke food by a limited supply of smoke.
They take less time for cooking than traditional smokers because temperature control is quite easy. They take more time to cook food than pellet grills because cooking is their secondary purpose.
They look more like traditional charcoal or wood smokers but are not like them when it comes to their exceptional operations. They look like a vertical box with a smoker box at the side/back to fill wood pellets in it.
They have more horizontal cooking space with 2 to 3 large grill grates. They have more grill grates and vertical cooking space than pellet grills.

What Are The Best Pellet Grills?

Pellet grills are also referred to as pellet smokers because most of them come with an attached smoking chamber or a separate grill for smoking food. Pellet grills run on high-quality wood pellets that produce no harmful smoke for your food and health.

These grills use electricity as a source to ignite the compressed wood pellets and come with a hopper with a capacity range of 10 – 20 lbs. The advanced pellet feeding system of these grills pushes the pellets in the smoker box when needed. This helps you to cook worry-free.

Pellet grills have an LED temperature control system to easily maintain the desired temperature and heat. No more rubbing the grates as the nonstick powder-coated grills result in little to no food sticks and burns. It also helps you yield perfectly grilled and juicy steaks and ribs that are tasty and healthy at the same time.

Still looking for answer to what are the best pellet grills? There are many pellet grills available in the market, but some of the best are Traeger Timberline 1300 Wi-Fi Wood Pellet Grill, Memphis Grills Beale Street Wi-Fi Controlled Pellet Grill, Camp Chef Woodwind 36″ Pellet Grill, and Traeger Ironwood Wi-Fi Pellet Grill.

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What Is The Best Pellet Smoker?

Pellet smokers are ideally used for smoking and preparing scrumptious barbeque. Although they are a bit slow, they cook food with a perfect smoky flavor. Pellet smokers also use pellets and electricity to smoke and grill food. It has several grilling racks placed vertically, one over the other. These grilling racks have enough space to fit a whole chicken or turkey effortlessly on a rack.

Pellet smokers have a manual temperature control system to provide the accuracy required temperature. The grilling racks mostly have a nonstick coating to prevent food burns and sticks. Like any famous restaurant-made food, a pellet smoker gives the best smoky smell and flavor to meats.

Some of the best pellet smoker are Traeger Ironwood 885, Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill, and Z Grills 700D Wood Pellet Grill.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about pellet grills and smokers.

Is a pellet grill the same as a smoker’s?

No, a pellet grill is not the same as a pellet smoker because it can perform the tasks of a smoker, but a smoker cannot work as a pellet grill.

The difference in their operation types makes them different from each other. Moreover, the sizes of smoker vs. pellet grill are not the same and vary on the brand of both the products.

Which is better, pellet or wood smoker?

Smokers that use wood pellets are far better than the ones using wood as fuel. As pellets are high-quality compressed wood especially made for cooking food. These food-grade wood pellets burn at a lower temperature and slower rate than wood.

And hence, pellets last long and give a better smoky smell and taste to food than wood chips. In addition, unlike wood smokers, pellet smokers and grills have a large hopper capacity with an automatic pellet feeding system for stress-free smoking and grilling.

How much smoke does a pellet grill produce?

Pellet grills produce enough smoke to give the best smoky taste to the grilling ribs, pork, steaks, and any other food. Most of the pellet grills have a fan that intakes any smoke produced during grilling. This smoke is then used to smoke the grilled food on the smoking rack or chamber.

Is a pellet smoker worth it?

If you love smoked chicken, pork, steaks, and fish, then yes, a pellet smoker is absolutely worth the money. It is essential to spend money on brands known for the quality of their products. So, make sure to buy a pellet smoker from brands like Traeger, Pit Boss, Oklahoma, Z grills, ASMOKE, and Cuisinart.


You now know what are the best pellet grills and have zero confusion now. So, who doesn’t want to grill restaurant-like food at home? And that is the reason why pellet grills and smokers are the best friends of every home chef. Pellet smoker and grill help to effortlessly make perfect grilled food really quick at home.

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