Weber Spirit s-315 Review | A Complete Guide 2022

Anyone who loves grilling food and knows even a bit about grills surely knows the name “Weber” and their spirit line. Weber spirits are introduced as a ‘budget line’ for their valuable customers. Weber spirit s-315 is one of their latest models introduced in 2020. It is a large grill that is ideal for outdoor grilling to enjoy big parties and serve the best-grilled food to the guests.

Product details
Brand Weber
Model Spirit s-315
Material (grill) Stainless steel
Material (cooking grates) Pure cast iron, porcelain-coated
Total burners Three
Weight 20 lbs.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 52 x 24 x 45.5 inches
Fuel type Liquid Propane Gas and Natural Gas

The Weber s-315 is a simple yet outstanding grill, and it is the best operational grill in this price range compared to many other outdoor grills. The easy-to-use quality of the grill makes it a perfect package for beginners. From its three premium knobs and handle to its portability, every grill feature makes it an exceptional one.

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No more further talks, here we will give you a detailed and 100% accurate Weber spirit s-315 review that is definitely going to make you buy it.

Weber Spirit s-315 Review

The peculiar features of Weber s-315 make it undeniably the best grill among all. The company has set the competition bar high for all its competitors by providing such a quality product at a much affordable price. Read the complete article to find the fantastic features that Weber s-315 possesses.

A Completely Durable Grill

The entire body of Weber spirit s-315 is high-quality stainless steel with anti-rustic properties. You can also buy a Weber spirit s-315  cover from here to protect the grill from sunlight and dust. The stainless steel is not painted to prevent it from corrosion.

It also keeps you worry-free about the paint peeling off the grill sooner or later. The dust particles and wind can never rust the Weber spirit because the premium stainless steel body will never let that happen.

High-Quality Material

The material of the grill and lid is premium quality stainless steel, whereas the grill grates are made of pure cast iron. The cast iron grill grates are coated with porcelain to prevent rusting. The porcelain coating of the grill grates makes them extremely durable and helps them to last long.

An Ideal Grilling Space for Large Gatherings

The Weber s-315 is a large outdoor grill as the Weber spirit s-315 dimensions are 52 x 24 x 45.5 inches (L x W x H). At the same time, the grilling space itself is 424 square inches.  The grill is granted with such an ample grilling space to let you host big house grill parties anytime you want. The 424 square inches grill can easily hold 18-19 hamburgers while still offering space for moving and flipping them.

The Flawless Grill Grates

The grill grates of Weber spirit s-315 are made up of cast iron. They have flavorizer bars for increasing the taste of food. The cooking grates and flavorizer bars will help you serve the best-seared fish, steaks, and burgers with perfect grill lines. The cast iron grill grates are also porcelain enameled. The porcelain coating of the cooking grates results in 0% food burns and 0% sticks on the grills.

The Impeccable Heating System with Three Temperature knobs

The best Weber spirit s-315 review is their faultless even heating system. The grill’s flavorizer bars help distribute the heat evenly to each and every inch of the grill grates. People experience the worst grilling experience when there are cold and hot spots, but this excellent grill has no cold spots.

Moreover, the three premium touch temperature knobs let you set the accurate temperature you want to grill on. The three burners have an impressive output of 32,000 BTU/hour. With the help of the temperature gauge (embedded in the lid), you can effortlessly monitor the exact inside temperature of the grill.

An Incredible Smokeless grill

In ordinary charcoal grills, the oils and fats from the food grilling on them drip on burning coals and hot trays, resulting in enormous smoke. The smoke from such grills results in coughing and other health issues. The Weber spirit s-315 is provided with an oil-catching tray, keeping the health of their customers in mind. This oil tray catches all the oil and grease dripping from the food on the cooking grates. Add a tiny amount of water in the drip tray under the grates, and the water will instantly cool down the oil, reducing maximum smoke.

Liquid Propane and Natural Gas Grill

The stainless steel grill can be run by any one of the two means, i.e., liquid propane gas or natural gas. The natural gas version of the grill comes with a hose and a gas line connector. The hose is flexible and 10 feet long.

A Low Maintenance Grill

The Weber s-315 grill hardly needs any maintenance, and you need to put minimal effort into cleaning it. The stainless steel body, porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, and grease-catching tray collectively make cleaning a breeze. There is no deep washing or rubbing the grates and grill; you only need to clean it with a wet cloth.


Apart from its main features, the Weber spirit s-315 provides you many other additional qualities, and these are,

  • Stainless steel lid: The premium quality stainless steel lid (with handle) locks the steam and the taste of the food inside the grilling chamber. The steam locking in the grilling chamber results in faster and quick grilling.
  • Warming rack: The warming rack on the top of the grates keeps the food warm while you can still grill something else on the grates.
  • Temperature gauge: The temperature gauge on the lid helps you control the inside temperature of the grill more easily.
  • Hooks and cabinet: The two hooks on the grill gives you a perfect spot to hang the tongs and spatula without staining the grill. Furthermore, Weber s-315 provides you with a big space cabinet to simply place the propane tank inside it.
  • Wheels: The wheels of the grill makes it ultra-portable and easy to move. You can move it to your backyard and anywhere without a hitch.
Pros Cons
· Large grilling chamber

· High-quality stainless steel

· 32000 BTU/hour

· Porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates

· Worth the price range

· As the grill is built simple (especially for beginners), it is somewhat considered a basic grill.


Now, the best-grilled bacon, steaks, fish, burgers, and vegetables can be cooked at home and are just one click away. We definitely know that you are satisfied by the Weber spirit s-315 review and want to buy it asap.

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