How Long Can Cooked Pork Sit Out? A DETAILED GUIDE!

Everyone loves having cooked pork in their breakfasts and lunches, for which you have to store cooked pork to get an instant meal. You must know how to store it and how long is it safe to eat cooked pork.

Here are all the details for that, and for how long can cooked pork sit out?

How long can cooked pork stay out?

If the pork is cooked completely, you should not let it stay out for more than two hours. Till these two hours, the cooked pork will not lose any of its taste and scrumptious smell, but after that, we cannot guarantee you.

Try to pack it in a heated dish or refrigerate it to keep them safe from any bacteria and molds. You cannot let any parasite spoil your favorite meal that you will have for the next few days.

Pork takes enough time to get cooked, so you should store it correctly to save your efforts and not let that juicy piece of pork and your efforts go in vain. Make cuts or slices of the pork meat (whatever you prefer eating) and keep them in an air-tight container and freeze them.

Defrost the pork whenever you feel like having it. You can also use an open dish or wrapped container to keep the pork in the refrigerator, but you can not store it there for more than 4 to 5 days.

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How to measure internal pork temp?

Now that you know how long can cooked pork sit out, you must also know how to measure the internal pork temp. The best and perfect way to check the exact internal temperature of pork is by using a digital meat thermometer.

A meat probe or digital meat thermometer helps you inspect the accurate temperature of the cooking meat. Take a heat-proof and oven-safe thermometer so it can sit inside the oven or smoker without getting damaged.

Insert the thermometer rod in the pork’s thickest part, avoiding bones. Make sure the thermometer has crossed at least 1 to 1.5 inches (depending on how thick the pork is) inside the pork meat. Now let the thermometer sit in the oven while the pork meat is roasting.

It will let you keep a watch on the pork’s internal temperature. However, you can also use a meat probe thermometer that cannot stand inside the smoker and check the temperature manually by using the same method of inserting it.

In this method, you also have to keep an eye on the roasting or smoking pork, and when you think it is done, insert the thermometer and check the temperature.

How to tell if the pork is done using a thermometer?

You know how to measure internal pork temperature, but you also need to know the temperature at which pork gets cooked. Checking the temperature is very important to know how long can cooked pork sit out because the temperature tells you if the meat is done or not.

The doneness of pork has a temperature range of 140-160o F (from cooked to completely done meat). At the same time, pork is safe to eat once it reaches 145o F and more.

When roasting pork, make sure to let it reach at least 145o F to enjoy a tasty yet healthy meal. Meats below 145o F might not be very safe to eat. Cook the pork meat to the temperature according to your liking (how much done meat you like).

Once it reaches 145o F,  you can take it out from the smoker or oven and wrap it in a foil paper to lock the smell and savory taste of the pork and leave it wrapped for more 4 to 5 minutes. The internal pork temperature will also rise by 5o F, and now you can enjoy the tasty, juicy, and tendered pork meat.

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How long can you keep salmon at room temperature?

Keeping cooked salmon at room temperature is quite similar to how long can cooked pork sit out. You can keep salmon for two hours on the kitchen shelf when it is cooked perfectly.

Prefer refrigerating it after that because as soon as it reaches the three hours circle, you can assume it is wasted. Eating cooked salmon sitting out for more than 3 hours is not safe and can cause severe food poisoning. You can use refrigerated salmon for up to 3-4 days and frozen salmon for even more.

If you are thinking about how long you can keep raw or fresh salmon at room temperature, not more than a day. Try to keep it in the refrigerator to save it till you use and smoke it.

However, if you freeze it just after picking it up from the market, it is safe to use and eat for the next two to three months (only if frozen completely and not thawed even once).

How long can cooked pork stay at room temperature?

Cooked pork can stay at room temperature but not for longer than two hours. Once it crosses the three hours period, it is rotten and not meant to be eaten anymore. To save the deliciously cooked pork, you should refrigerate, covering it with a cling film wrap or vacuum seal it to freeze and keep it tasty and healthy.

So now you know how long can cooked pork sit out. If you have any confusion if the pork sitting out can be eaten or not, it is very simple to know. You can tell by the smell and the color of the pork meat if it is eatable or not.


Nobody wants cooked pork to rot and be thrown in the bin. Use the correct method suggested above to store cooked pork because if stored correctly, it can be consumed for months. Make sure to store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Try not to leave it alone on the kitchen shelf; it can also feel lonely and can find new friends like bacteria and molds.

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